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UAE developer Eagle Hills launches $3.3bn Riga Waterfront real estate project


UAE-based real estate developer Eagle Hills has unveiled a significant new project, the $3.3 billion Riga Waterfront development, located in the Latvian capital. This ambitious initiative includes a range of properties starting at $271,000, which provides an attractive proposition for potential investors. 

An additional incentive tied to the Riga Waterfront project is the potential for obtaining European Union (EU) residency. Investing in this development can offer a pathway to residency within the EU, appealing to international buyers seeking access to the broader European market.

This strategic move by Eagle Hills not only highlights their commitment to expanding their portfolio in prominent locations but also taps into the growing demand for premium real estate investments that offer both lifestyle and residency benefits. The project is expected to boost local real estate and contribute to the economic growth of Riga by attracting foreign investment.

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